Our  green nature needs to be cleaned
littering is trashy
live life cleaner,make earth greener
let india seek cleanliness
cleanliness is next to godliness
god gave us green lets keep it clean
when we clean we automatically go green
clean India means healthy people
don't be so mean keep the environment clean
keep the Earth clean
let's build a green future

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1. Clean India green India my dream India.
2. make your mind clean automatically every thing becomes clean.
3.lets join hands for swatch bharat  campaign.
4.clean India say no to litter.
5.if you see a mess pitch it and clean it.
6. start today save tomorrow.
7. freedom is our right cleanliness is our duty. yourself be the change what you want.
9. arise awake stop not till the goal is reached of clean India.
10. burn the lamp of clean India to bring light every where. 
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