Well we know that it was the nobles ,afghan nobles who conspired against Lodhi and invited him to attack Delhi. By this time the Delhi sultanate was left suspectible to rising revolts from Punjab and the other parts of northwestern India .Rajputs too rose to rebel .All this made the Lodhi s weak and hollow due to internal rebellions .thus Babur was able to win over Lodhi with much ease.
Babur (1483-1530) whose original name was Zahir-ud-Din Mohammad, came to be known by his pet name ‘Babur’ – a Turkish word which means a tiger. He belonged to Farghana, a small Kingdom in Central Asia. From 1519 to 1524, he led four expeditions to India but without any significant results. His fifth invasion which marked his success completely changed the political history of India. It had far-reaching consequences. The battle of Panipat made him virtually the ruler of entire India.A struggle for political supremacy among several warring powers in India was going on. Babur who had an ambition to rule India fully realized this condition and decided to try his luck.