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Friends, let me say a few words now on "Music".  Even though I am too small to talk about the big ocean of "Music", let me try it.

What do we mean by Music ?

      Music is a pleasing arrangement and flow of sounds in air that vary in a rhythm and systematic method.  Music is also an art or skill that musicians possess and make the audience enjoy their performance.

Further, I will say :

     Music is the one of most important boons of Gods, through which people enjoy most of their leisure time.  Music is the  subject that classifies all the rhythmic sounds into a system, that can be learned and practiced.  In Hindu culture we say that all music evolved from one single note (nad or sound) "Om".  The seven octaves are the basis for all ragas.

Impact of Music :

     We know that all living beings enjoy music, instrumental or vocal.  The plants, animals and human being alike enjoy the harmony, pleasant rhythm, and beat in the musical sounds.  We have two main schools Hindusthani and Karnatic.  So many channels on TV and radio flood the our air with the invisible waves that penetrate our ears so sweetly every second.

Conclusion :

     Being skilled in any component of music is a gift of God.  I salute the great musicians that pacify me during my low times and let me celebrate aloud my good times.  Music is a profession, the best time pass and hobby.

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