REWARD FOR BRAVERY

There was once a kind Duke. He was loved and respected by his subjects. This Duke had a wicked brother. His name was Frederick. Frederick rebelled against his brother. He drove away the Duke. The Duke was a peace loving person. He left the Dukedom. He went to the forest called Arden. His followers also went with him. There he led a peaceful life with his followers. Frederick became the Duke.

The Duke had a daughter. Her name was Rosalind. Frederick also had a daughter. Her name was Celia. Rosalind and Celia were fond each other from their childhood. Celia wanted Rosalind to be with her in the palace. Frederick allowed Rosalind to be in the palace with his daughter. This was for the sake of his own daughter, Celia.

Sir Rowland De Boys was friend of the elder Duke who was in the forest. Sir Rowland died leaving all his property to his eldest son whose name was Oliver. Oliver was jealous of his younger brother whose name was Orlando. Oliver did not give any part of the property or money to Orlando. He did not even educate Orlando either.

In Duke Frederick’s court, there was a powerful wrestler. His name was Charles. No young man dared to challenge Charles. But Orlando accepted the challenge. Oliver met Charles secretly. He instructed Charles to do the worst to Orlando.

At the wrestling place there were many people. Duke Frederick was also there. In the earlier matches Charles threw little challengers one after another. All the three challengers had broken their ribs. They were struggling for life. Celia and Rosalind also had come there. Duke Frederick asked the girls to talk to the young man, Orlando. Frederick had felt that Charles would throw Orlando down in the fight. The girls approached Orlando. They requested him not to fight. Orlando refused gently. He said, “I have no one to care for me. I do not care even to die.”

The match began. Orlando was much stronger than Charles. Orlando lifted Charles above his shoulders. Then he threw him down. Charles became unconscious after falling. Frederick and all others were happy. They congratulated Orlando. Orlando told Frederick, “I am the second son of late Sir Rowland de Boys.”

Frederick did not like Orlando from that minute onwards, because Frederick had not liked Sir Rowland de Boys.

The two girls on the contrary praised Orlando. Rosalind was happy. Sit Rowland had been her father’s friend. She then took out a chain from her neck and presented it to Orlando. This was the reward for his bravery.
 John was a boy who lived with his father and his big brother in a small town.
John´s brother was really smart; everybody admired him, even his father.  Not like John, who wasn´t special like his brother (or that is what they thought).
One day, John´s brother injured his hand in a domestic accident and started bleeding. His father went to John and said “John, be careful, your brother´s hand is bleeding, don´t look at him, you could be afraid”.
John who didn´t understand his father, asked him – “what is fear?”.-  His father could not believe what he was just saying, – “Do you not know what fear means? Ok, go to the woods and you will discover it”. And that is what John did.

During the first three months Fearless John lived lots of adventures and experiences, fighting against savages bears, snakes, ghosts…but he still didn´t know the meaning of fear.
One night, John found a big castle in the middle of the woods, it was really old, but it had something written on the door – “The one who dares to spend three nights in the castle and survives; will marry the princess”.
Fearless John decided to try and spent three nights in the castle. Even if it was full of monsters, ghosts and dragons, John wasn´t afraid.
After the third night, the king of the castle came to Fearless John – “You are the only one who survived, you will marry my daughter”- said the king. That is how fearless John became a prince and got married with the beautiful princess Mary.
One day, the prince John was sleeping with his wife, when she wanted him to wake up and threw him a jar of water. Fearless John jumped out of bed and said – “Princess! Now I know what fear means!”
The end