Get used to concepts and try to relate daily life activites to various concepts like tangents we can see them when we drive a vehicle in rainy seasins on watery roads as tye rotates it creates tangents.
The thing is... if u can't understand even after sitting through in class and tuition too (its okay if you dont go for tuitions) try reading the part of the lesson you can't understand again and again...use guides that are easily available in the market to try more questions and if you still are not able to understand...try SITTING with someone like your parents and ask them for help...not in explaining but instead just reading it out loud to you...because wen you figure out things by yourself you tend to remember it for sitting with someone also makes you think positive...that way even your mind will be ready to learn...Hope this helps you...Best Of Luck :)
i hope this has helped u Zulaikha