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Well ........the end products of digestion are..... there are three basic things which are digested in the human body. they are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. although there are many other complex substances these are the main basic things which are digested in the body and they arel all important for the growth and development of a normal human. some other stuff about the different enzymes is a bit complicated so in conclusion......... -->the proteins are digested by proteases ( enzymes) into amino acids -->the fats are digested by lipids( enzymes) into fatty acids and glycerol AND... -->the carbohydrates are digested by starch is broken down to maltose by salivary amylase( enzyme) and then .. maltose is broken down by maltase iNto Gulucose !!!! SO....the end products are AMINO ACIDS< GLYCEROL AND FATTY ACIDS AND GULUCOSE ( all these are absorbed by the blood vessels and to all the body parts ) after that the UNDIGESTED FOOD PASSES THROUGH THE ANUS TO BE EXPELLED ) Undigested food includes Vitamins ,Minerals , Water and some others......... i sincerely hope i answered your question
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