Unhygienic habits include drinking alcohol smoking cigar eating tobacco this habits will make people to become slaves to this things and this things will kill like a poison many people lost there golden life because of this things this habits were from ancient times where people used to smoke hookah and drink alcohol this can be mostly seen in western countries there people will drink and smoke to make heat in body  but in tropical countries like India people will drink for enjoyment but this will become habit and harms our body by dreadful diseases like cancer so we must not encourage this in public places as it not only harms the one who smokes but the one who inhale it so let strat making awareness among prople about smokink
India is the country of filth and dirt is due to unhygienic habits of people . In the village as well urban areas we defecate in open .This not only gives bad smell but spread disease  . It can be cause of epidemic. Though water is the scarce resource, we stil do not use it properly. We wash cars , even in public, using drinking water. We do not plan our sewage system for our house, it is opened to roads and in cities to rivers . This contaminates whole water body. As citizen we lack in taking pride for doing things for ourself. We wait for some body to do the cleaning work for us.  We do not dispose of garbage properly.  There is no concept of segregating garbage to  biodegradable  and recycle-able ; and disposing them off accordingly.