My favourite hobby is  playing games . in physicogalagy or ethicogally playing is a voluntary  instrically motivated activies normally associated with relacational pressure  & enjoyment . playing is associated with childrenere juvineile activitie s  but playing is also adult hobby. playing makes us so healthy & fit . in games there are two tpes of games are there.  they are indoor & outdoor.  the games which we play inside the court are called indoor games . eg chess,  etc. indoor games increases of our concentration. games which we play outside the court are called outdoor games  . eg - cricket , tennis, badminton. outdoor games help us in making a person healthy & fit.     we have to play minimum a hour per day . then we will healtyh & fit . all of you are requested to play games & make a healthy & fit society
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My hobby is reading. It is very interesting to read. I read news papers, story books , magzines and any kind of knowledgeable things. Books provide the reader with so much data and information and facts. They help me in various ways in my life. The wonderful thing about reading is that I do not have to learn things the hard way. Books consists vast knowledge which was compiled by many historical people's. The hobby got started when I wad little boy/girl. I was fond of fairy tales so my hobby gradually got continued. Reading enables me to learn about so many things that I would not be able to know if i do not read. I like history without reading it I would be lost. I learned about the wonders of the space, travel,world, human achievements, many kinds of viruses and other fascinating things of our I continue to read.
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