British rule was very un pleasant and some were good. because of britishers we lost our kohinoor diamond, peacock throne, our valuable resources, etc. we were suppressed for about 200 years, we lost our forests, our original and handloom industries, etc. we even got some benefit like railways even though it was for their benefit then also we were profited, we got our proverb's original meaning unity is strength, modern clothings, etc. overall it had some benefit and huge disadvantages.
The bristish rule in india completely changed the course of history in india.british came to india at beggining of 17 was the when british east india company was established in india to break the dutch monopoly on spice trades.with time east india companyincreased its power and started to administer the country.however its policies were disliked by our indians and they together revolted against the company.
british firstly occupied only some princely states of india but later all parts of india came under the control of the british.they introduced railways,telegraph and the postal service were the move to establish their rule permanantly in india.
finally after 200 years of their rule india got independence on 15 august 1947 after a hard struggle of great leaders like gandhiji , bhagat singh , nehru and many others.