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My name is george , 12 years old. I love to study all the time. I am the top ranker of my class every likes me. One day i was studying hardly for an upcoming test after a few seconds i fainted i don't know what happened next. Every one told me that you fainted and was taken to hospital. His mother told him that he should'nt have strained his mind so much. The doctor said that for atleast 2 weeks he should'nt strain his mind. I was shocked because my test is coming in 1 week. My friend suggested me to sweet musics . I also listened to music and after 4 days i went to the doctor for a checkup he told that this was a medical miracle that his mind was cured within 3 days . The doctor told that he can continue studying.After the test is over the results came i got the first rank and  i was happy. Then i realised the importance of the music and thanked my friend.
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My BEIBER disaster ( bcuz  imma directioner, more specifically, a ZAYNer )
i was in coma after i had an accident. i was in coma for 4 months. i was admitted in the hospital, everyone had left the hope of my recovery. One day, my nurse turned on the radio, and a Justin Beiber song came on it. I got up to turn the radio off and since then, i am well and good.