The roll of mathamatics in our daily life helps in the calculation of cost of daily needs,our rent
etc. mathamatics helps us in calculation on savings of our money, our pocket money and also helps in making our future financial plans.mathamatics with science is very useful in making inventions and these inventions further enhances our life quality,strengthen our security system and provides us with many more gadgets which are most useful in today's
scenario .
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We always see small children counting numbers from 1 to 10, even sing a song make up from the numbers. But what happen to these children as they grow up? What make them to change their mind to dislike mathematics? Some will roll their eyes or let out a sigh. They give so many reasons, such as “It's too hard,” “I'm not good at math,” or “why do I even need Mathematics?” Where does this attitude come from?

After being a Mathematics teacher for about 3 years, I have discovered that almost all students in Brunei Darussalam claimed to “hate mathematics”. This can be seen from their attitude in the class, interaction with the teacher and also the students' progress report. The very much sad thing is that students just want to pass the examination without understanding why they have to study mathematics. Still mathematics has the highest failure rate of any subject at school-leaving level. Why does mathematics seem to inspire fear and intimidation in students in secondary schools and even when they are in the higher level.