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     Trees are our best friends on the Earth.  We just cannot continue to live on Earth if there are no trees around us.  All we do for the trees is that we give some little space and water.  They return that favour by giving us life and much more every day.

   There are many advantages of having trees around.  The first one is that we get fresh air and oxygen from them.  So we live healthily. We get shade under the trees during the summer or when the Sun is hot.  Peasant people often take rest under trees.
    We enjoy the sight of beautiful trees and plants.  They look so colorful with beautiful flowers, useful vegetables and fruits.  Green color is good for eyes and heart.  The roots of trees go inside the Earth and hold the terrain from getting eroded due to water or wind.  The land level does not go below normal due to these trees.  The trees also cool the wind and the atmosphere.
    The trees absorb heat and sound to some extent.  All wooden furniture at home or office comes from the trees.  Sofa, chairs, dining table, bed etc. come from the wood.  Many houses and apartment use wood for partitions, doors, windows flooring too.
    Every vegetable or fruit we eat comes from plants and trees.  There are no flowers for decoration or for prayer, if there are no trees.  Many women wear flowers on their hair/head, they look so beautiful.  The flowers give such a nice scent too.
    Eating fruits and vegetables is essential for the body as our organs get proper vitamins and minerals from them.  Trees give essential materials like paper without which education and communication from one person to another, are very difficult.

    Trees give us rubber, gum and medicinal substances.  Trees are home for many birds.  Biological balance is maintained when there are sufficient trees.

    So it is our first and best duty to grow trees and take proper care of them.

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