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Dad these 3 letters mean a lot , when calling dad we call a superhero for help. Dad is the one who guides the child on the right path and helps him distinguish between right and wrong. Whenever we are in a problem our omniscient dad arrives and solves the problem . My dad has always been my inspiration .he has seen several ups and downs in his life but like a superhero with his tools experience and patience he solved every problem . Love u dad !!
F-antastic in every way
A-lways there for me
T-eaching me what is right
H-ero of my family
E-xpecting great things from me
R-eally the greatest DAD ever.

I love my DAD cause he is the master piece GOD has given me.My dad is always there by my side in all situations he is a helping hand and an advisor to me.When I am in a fix unable to make decision,he is the person whom I count upon..He indeed is the super hero of my life,God has given me a father so that he takes care of me and is always my guide.He is the first man in my life who has ever loved me.He has the warmth of a summer sun,the calm of a quite sea,the comforting arm of night,the joy of the morning in spring,the patience of eternity,the depth of a family need. Therefore I love my Dad and I adore him..I accept him as my hero....!!!
Sorry its' the' not "na"...
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