Man is curious by nature. Curiosity has taught man to unfold the hidden secrets of nature. If this curiosity is lost then all the hidden secrets of nature will be lost forever. Human being always wants to ride on the horse of nature. In other words, it means he wants to capitalise the precious vitalities possessed by nature. Same way the curiosity has taught human about the secrets of locomotion.The wheel is man’s greatest invention there is no doubt about this, we cannot imagine this world without wheel. This wheel has made this world smaller and smaller. If we compare the life of man in pre wheel era and post wheel era then we can conclude that wheel had changed the entire life of human being. It increased the efficiency of man. A man, who was able to do a work in weeks, started doing the same work in a day. The wheel has also reduced the distance between the two places. Today we can cover distance of thousands of kilometres in short span of time; we can even reach to the moon, which was a fiction and fairy tale story in pre-wheel era. We have seen the great pyramids of Egypt, which are among the Seven Wonders of the World. It was impossible to construct such a wonderful structure in that time. According to Discovery channel, the wheel has been invented since time immemorial. In this way, we can say that wheel has given an enormous comfort to human body.Every coin has two sides and each side has its role. If it has advantage, it also has disadvantage. Wheel has made man lazier than ancient man. Lack of physical labour is harming the physical efficiency. In the Second World War America dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, people are still suffering from various kinds of disabilities. World trade centre was destroyed with the help of aircrafts. Vehicles like car, bus, and trucks are causing pollution, these vehicles are making our environment unsafe and unhealthy. Accidents take so many lives. Turbines are also creating air pollution. Guns, the biggest enemy of human life, are an invention of wheel.Nevertheless, we are in sophisticated world. We have to move forward. Therefore, there will be lots of invention having advantages and disadvantages but we should keep in mind to make right use of invention.