The angry Arjun carried some arrows for fighting with Bhesshm. With the half of the arrows, he cut down the arrows thrown by Bheeshm on him and with six other arrows, he killed the rath driver of Bheeshm with one arrow each, he knocked down respectively the rath, flag and the bow of Bheeshm. Finally, with one more than four times the square root of arrows, He laid Bheeshm unconscious on an arrow bed. Find the total number of arrows Arjun had.



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Let  the Arjun carry x no of arrows.
He used x/2  arrows to cut down Bheeshm arrows.
He used 6 arrows to kill the rath driver and another 3 for rath,flag and bow.
He use 4√x +1 arrows to put Bheeshm on arrow bed.
From above the we have
           ⇒ x +20 +8√x= 2x
           ⇒ x-8√x-20=0
           ⇒ √x(√x-10) + 2(√x-10)=0
           ⇒  (√x+2)(√x-10)=0
           ⇒  √x=10 0r x=100 ( neglecting -tive value)
 Arjun had 100 arrows.
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