There are vast different between our generation and our parent generations. Our parents generations were thinking were restricted to his family and his native, but our generations thinking are related to our nation as well as whole world.Our parent’s generations were not thinking about world. They were just thinking that how we can earn enough money for fulfilling a basic need of family. This generation’s people are thinking that we have to earn lots of money for giving luxurious life to our family. Olden people were thinking that women had to just handle the family and her child. But in the new era women have to handle the family as well as the women have to become educated and do the job. Olden generation people were thinking that if you want to earn more money then we have to leave our country and settled in abroad country. By going abroad we have got a name and fame both. Olden generation people were thinking that children have to handle the business of our parents. They have no need to do the job. While today’s generations are thinking that children have to do the in the companyOlden generation’s people were thinking that, farming is best business is good and job is worst. New generation people are thinking that, job is best business is good and farming is worst. Olden generation people mostly preferred farming but this generation prefers job.As per above discussed points I personally believe that their are big generation gap between parents generation and our generation. Parents generations thinking were limited to family, while our generation thinking is broad minded. hope u like it 
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