I actually do not remember my  first cycle, but I do remember y first bicycle. I was around four years at that point of time. I went with my parents to the show room for my bicycles. I was actually amazed to see so many cycles with different colour and designed. I wanted to buy a blue coloured cycle as blue was my favorite colour. After lot of selection we settled for cycle with blue color frame and white colour mudguards. The cycle was Hero-make. The cycle had two support wheels for small kid like me. Every day after coming back fro school I would wait for 5 O'clock so that I can go out and cycle in the play ground. After coming back from ground I used to clean it and put back in garage. When I could balance  my self well I asked my father to remove the support wheels. I used that cycle for three years when we bought a bigger cycle. When my parents wanted to give away that cycle I strongly objected to it. The cycle is still there in the garage.