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Create awareness about cleanliness and the importance of practicing it by presentations, organizing cleanliness drives involving the residents, having slideshows, distributing pamphlets to read about the topic, warn them of the harms of leading an unhealthy life, and how cleanliness will benefit them and the country. Medical checkups can be organized in the locality and doctors can also be involved in advising about healthy living. Incentives like work, scholarship for underprivileged,etc to improve their lives can also be given. The important point is to make them understand how healthy living could lead to a good future and offer them the way to do it.

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       I will gather my schoolmates and playmates in the surroundings.   I will request them to join me in the cleanliness drive.  I will ask them all to participate in the local clean India drive on Sundays to clean our locality. We will clean the parks nearby or see that it is done by some one regularly.   

     We will write slogans and make posters.  We will paste them on the notice boards of the apartment buildings.  We will watch the roads for garbage being cleaned up regularly.  If there are some persons not following rules, we will go to their house and request them.

    Perhaps a gathering informally of women or children or men can be arranged to exchange one's views on the cleanliness in the surroundings.

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