India is the second overpopulated country in the world which reached 1.21 billion. It has 2.4 per cent of the world land area where she has to support nearly 16% of the total world population. The population pressure is the only factor for bleak future of the country. To provide  food,  shelter, drinking water, education , employment, health care is so demanding that the govt policy in this direction have failed. Due  halfhearted approach by the political parties and the administrators the so called various policies in this direction has remained unfulfilled. whereas the money spent have been pocketed by the same people responsible for ensuring its use. This is nothing but the corruption to the core.  The corruption in the Govt machinery is so deep rooted that it follows a path of unwritten law. It is no more seen as a sin. It has been revealed  that socio-economically weaker section of the Indian society is most adversely affected by government corruption – these include the rural and urban poor. This is adversely affecting the economy of India. With mass urbanization and increasing population there has been rising a demand for electricity in the nation, which makes compulsive the growth of Power Sector. Indian Power Sector is going through a revolutionary transition phase from labor to machine intensive production. Power is one of the critical components of infrastructure and is directly proportional to the economic growth of the nation.The per capita power consumption is much less that the world average. There is a requirement eight Lakh MW from the present 2.10 Lakh MW capacity. The investment required during this capacity addition would be of the tune of Rs 13,72,580 crore. This amount is too high for a country like India. The industries are not able to utilized full production capacity due to load shading. The education in India is not able to create skilled and trained personnel to be readily  absorbed by Industry. This has led to closing down of industries, as the product does not match international standard. Less said about the public health system is better, it is virtually nonexistence. There are not enough hospitals, doctors, medical staff, medicines or ambulance services available in the system. Quality of care and accessibility is very poor. There is no organised or functional system but a collection of government hospitals in different parts of the country to serve a huge population. India ranks last in health-care compared to OECD or BRICS countries. In the last couple of years Indian and global economies have been facing slowdown. New business expansions are also not happening at all or has gone down. A large pool of youth in the age group of 18-25 years despite being skilled are facing unemployment issues since there are not enough opportunities for them only 21.2% of working men had a regular salaried job. The unemployment is going to rise with rise in population. The callousness of the state mis governance and corruption is the main cause for dark future of India.
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1. There will no water 2. Less electricity will there 3. All people will do fight with each other.
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