Do you think Music and Culture relate in any way? According to music’s definition is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Culture’s definition is that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc. Each musical era has its own values just as culture does. Music can also be a personal interpretation for that artist. Music and culture relate to each other because they both express an individual by their personality, background, and beliefs. Musical artist’s put their personalities into their work. Their music may convey sorrow because something in their life is making them unhappy, or it can express anger because their going through hard times. Musician’s make their songs to draw in a particular type of crowd that they’re interested in. One artist might make music to express their feelings, while another will make music to talk about what’s presently going on in the world. Relating musicians and their personality to culture isn’t very hard. Culture is a part of every individual but can be portrayed in different ways just like different genres of music. Language is a culture, therefore someone who speaks Spanish might have a different personality than someone who speaks English or Italian.   Different people with different cultures have different personalities. Relating back to music, every musician has a unique personality which is expressed into their music.Backgrounds and beliefs can push someone to listen to some type of music rather than others. People who are religious might enjoy listening to christian bands while someone who is non-religious might enjoy listening to hip-hop. It’s all in the matter of the word choice of the artist. An individual who is religious most likely won’t enjoy listening to profanity so they’ll avoid that group of music.   Someone who is of a certain cultural background might have to eat...
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