We do so much of maths in a day that we simply do not notice it. Our day's work does not with out maths. First thing we noticed after getting up is the watch. We immediately do a mental calculation for the extra time we can spent under the blanket during the winter morning, before getting ready for school. While arranging the books and notebooks we check the calender for the day and date. Consider the tiffin time, when you share food with your fried we do calculate how much of share we are offering and, in return, how much we are getting back. Consider  you are giving a treat to your friend at school canteen, without maths, you don’t know what money you are spending or the item you are going to by.Without maths we can not have businesses , the engineer can not construct ships, aircraft, buildings, no advancement of technology without math as the world of trade runs on money.  Mathematics has wide application in out day today life. Life would not  have been so simple without mathematics.  

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Pure mathematics is on its way, the poetry of logical ideas
                                               - Albert Einstein
math  is the subtle language of reason, a beautiful term of logic that gives orderly sense of the world through numbers.poetry describes the world around us using words and poetry, math also describes our world but logically, with numbers
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