We can do salad,fruit salad,
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Without gas stove means - without heating perhaps ?  Or, do you mean that electric/microwave oven can be used ? or cannot be used?  Can a mixer be used ?

What do u call a dish ?  cooked by heat ? or any edible food prepared in the kitchen?

1. Green salad with mayonnaise, eggs with some tomato, cucumber pieces

2.  Raw rasam or tamarind rasam  - with onions, green mirch, tamarind, menthi leaves etc,,

3. Chutneys - coconut, cucumber, tomato, onion, garlic along with spices

4. pickles

5.  Fruit salad - apple, grape, orange, pinapple,

6   icecream in refrigerator

7.  Cold coffee - 

8.  bhel puri / sev puri  with tamarind chutney

9.  palli murmur chana - combination sold near parks/ beaches

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