The food  quality depends on the raw material and the food were cooked and how these are  served. The vegitable should be procured fresh and should be used up in the same day. Similarly grocery items should be stored and protected from rodents. The utensils should be made of stainless steel so that they can be cleaned easily. The utensils should be cleaned with hot water and disinfected everyday. The cooks should be adhere to hygienic practices while preparing food. They should wear aprons and head protectors. Food after being cooked should be kept in a warmer so that the harm fuel micro organ do not  attack quickly. These processes if adopted will improve the quality of food.
The food that is served in our school is unhygienic . students don't bring their lunch and they prefer eating these food. lunch break is the time for students to be refreshed by eating healthy food.but since the food served is not all all healthy as well as hygienic .then what is the use of giving these lunch break ..we must avoid it as we dont know whether the food is fresh or not , whether is made using the fresh ingredients we also dont know that is there any good cleanness while making and handling with all these foods... the food prepared is unhygienic and handled with dirty hands by the person.also all the food items are uncovered and many flies sit on them thus making it umhygenic.children often fall sick by eating all these foods to stop theses problem is bring heathy lunch from your home and say no to unhygenic food!!!!