The environment means  the colours around us and the birds that sing sweetly likely the nature that give us everything that we want  but we start cutting trees why ? we can save nature by not cutting the trees and the environment is so dirty  are  p.m narendra modi launched a mission called swachh bharat  but still the people are not cleanning
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Our Environment is a very essential part of our life. It is the source for us to live  in and to eat, play, work, enjoy, walk, breath, hear or drink.   The environment is basically the atmosphere, and surrounding geographical area - including land, water bodies, mountains, forests, trees and human made constructions too.    The quality of our life depends a lot on our environment.We have to adapt to the environment and use regenerative and recycling methods.  Otherwise, people may suffer from diseases. Famines and cyclones may occur.  Rains may fall untimely and damaging.
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