Just like any other kid, or adult growing up had a hero, or somebody that they admire very much. The person that I was effectuated by growing up was the one, and only Michael Jordan. Michael is recognized for his spectacular ball handling skills, and for his outrageous dunks. To me and others he was the greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA. It was not just his obvious talent, but he was a person that many kids looked up to, and wished for some day to be just like him. I use to feel chills up my spine every time somebody mentioned him or every time that I would see him on television, witnessing some of the greatest games of his life. It was very hard for me to miss a game. I felt very proud living in the city of Chicago, home of the greatest basketball player to step foot in the NBA.

I remember collecting many basketball cards, posters, cups, and even try to have his latest shoes, which most of the time it was impossible for me to purchase. I would have to spend many months of my allowance just to own a pair. There were many things that I tried to have, that had any kind of resemblance towards Michael Jordan. Many of the cards, and posters I still have till this day, hoping that some day they would be worth a decent