Cleanliness is next to godliness.certainly it in the duty nor a sin ,it is very essential for nature.bcause by keeping our home clean it is enough to.we should keep our surroundings clean.if we keep our surroundings clean we will be healthy cheerful and,clean helps us in many ways. next if we are not clean how can we worship god?by keep our surroundings clean is not enough.we should keep our mind clean.then we can worship god with full of cruel matters in the mind we cant worship god
 this year india took swatch abhiyan.
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A smartly dressed person with clean habits creates an impression on others. It usually reflects a clean character also. In other words, a person’s character can be assessed by the way he dressesIf he is carelessly dressed, he will most probably be an unruly person. Similarly, if he is in the habit of dressing smartly, he tends to be clean in character also. This is the general rule although there are exceptions to it. Men with good character are usually pious and god-fearing. They stick to certain morals in their life. Thus, having a god fearing or clean heart is the first step to being godly. In other words, godliness should begin from the heart. One can have a clean heart only if he cultivates a good characterIn other words, a good heart is moulded from a good characterAll religions insist on cleanliness before worship. This is because cleanliness is the firstimportant thing in being near to god. 
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