FIRE it  is the best invention ever by the man it was found late in the Mesolithic age and in the beginning of neolithic age with out it man cant survive now or he cant be civilized with it by the help of fire only he prepared the pots new type of delicious food etc..,with out the invention of fire today we are nothing 
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Invention is the activity of investigation.over the years man has made many  discoveries and inventions one cannot say which one is best of all.different people will have different views on it.according to me mobiles are the best invention made by man.with in seconds we can talk to the people who are far from us.we can know how are they.we can send messages and we can see them through mobiles.long ago people had to send letters and wait for so many days the invention of mobile phones had made life easier. invention had played a defined role in human history.people are going on inventing gadgets and we are becoming slaves on machines.there is no work that can be done without machines now a days.
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