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The first thing that should be done according to me is to make her understand in a gentle and sweet way that taking loudly is not a good habit politeness is the flower of humanity . Talking loudly does not disturb a single person but the whole class gets irritated and what's the need to speak so loudly when the same thing can be said in polite manner . If she does not take it seriously then complain to the concerned teacher and give her a warning .if the condition worsens then the whole class should ignore her for a day then she'll surely realise her mistake hope it helps u !! :)
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First, give him or her 3 warnings. Then also he or she is talking then write names of children who are talking loudly in your notebook and when teacher come in class then give it to your teacher. Next time he or she is talking then say that I will tell this to principle sir or mam.
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