Can you ever think of day when you will be facing a big problem?can you forget a day when you faced the deadliest incident of your life?i must tell you my one such experience. one day we planned to go to manali. i was very excited for it but i didn't know about the problem there which was waiting for us. when we reached there the whole land was covered snow since it was a winter day. we decided to first check in a hotel there and then go out for enjoying but when we were going out to have some lunch and enjoying the view there on the way there was almost dark. the day was filled with fog and the problem started. on the way it was so dark that even the fog light of the car didn't work and my father was facing problem in driving. so we planned to go back and rest there only for today but when my father took the u-turn he said that it is so dark that he lost the way. then when we tried to return there was a landscape and we were stuck in the traffic their. it take a whole day to repair the damage and clear the traffic and we finally reached the hotel and the we checked out and went back to our home.