The importance of mathematics in daily life cannot be questioned. Mathematics finds its application in the fields of science, technology, economics, business, commerce and computer design and functioning. These fields may be advanced applications for the layman.However even a simple common man find his math useful in his day to day life. Consider a housewife going for groceries shopping. She would need to add up the total value of the things she bought and then when she pays the store teller, she needs to calculate how much change should she ask for back. All that involves math. Even a 2 year old toddler, can tell the difference between a bigger and a smaller toy. That is nothing but important

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Maths is a subject which is very useful in one's life . In our life we come across many situations which require us to use the mathematical formulas which we learn in school . It is a very essential and important aspect of education , while calculating a bill at a shop we need to be quick in adding then cost of each product and get the bill amount . In this way we can't be fooled easily by anyone ,it helps in developing our logical reasoning skills and as a result we become omniscient
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