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CH3-CO-CH3 :      it is Acetone and the simplest ketone.

 IUPAC name is  Propanone.  

    it has 3 carbons,  it has 2 methyl groups.  it is di-methyl - ketone.  It is also, propane-2-one


CH3-CH2-OH    ethonol, ethyl alcohol.

   It is methyl ethyl hydroxide, 

 IUPAC  name is    eth (due to 2 carbons) - ane  due to  single bonded carbons -  ol  due to (OH)  =>  Ethanol.

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IUPAC name for 
a) CH3 -CO- CH3  --- PROPANONE as it has three carbon atoms& the functional group KETONE, it has two methyl group or di methyl group CH3 . it is the simplest ketone.The 'E' in propane is changed into 'ONE'.
b) CH3- CH2 - OH----ETHANOL , ETHYL ALCOHOL as  it has two carbon atoms & the functional group ALCOHOL.The 'E' in ethane is changed into 'OL'.