X ray also known as plain radiography is the oldest diagnostic imaging procedure and remains one of the most effective for its  range of diagnostic applications.It uses small amount of radiation that pass through the selected part of the body to produce an image .This procedure is often used to evaluate the chest,musculoskeletal system and if used with a contrast agent,the gastrointestinal system.
                         X ray can evaluate abnormalities in the chest including lung cancer,pneumonia,fluid surrounding the heart and pulmonary embolism.X ray can evaluate problems in musculoskeletal system when bone or joint injuries or disease are suspected.
                         Joint Diseases are any of the diseases that affect the human joints.Arthritis is the best known joint disease,but there are also many others.Joint diseases may be short-lived or very painful and uncomfortable,they may be confined to one joint or to many joints in the skeletal system.

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