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Friends, I want to say some words on such an interesting topic as adventure. First of all, let us ask ourselves  what an adventure is?


    An Adventure is a task more dangerous, difficult and risky than our usual daily tasks.  It  gives a lot of excitement and thrill to us.  Adventurers convert the challenge into a success. Often an adventure is life endangering and exploration of unknown territories.

    An industrialist or rich person making an attempt to do some thing new or setting up a new establishment in a new area is also an adventure, putting own finance in risk.  

     Adventurers go on adventures periodically.  When the joy and excitement of a previous adventure diminishes, he/she will go on the next.  They just cannot sit without adventures.

     Nowadays adventures are not so risky as they used to be some years ago. Nowadays there is communication available using mobile phones.  Technology provides a number of gadgets and equipment for safety and convenience.  There is more knowledge available. 


     To be an adventurer we need a lot of confidence, concentration, physical strength, coordination of our body and mind.    We need to do careful planning, continuous training, regular update of knowledge, use of technology, use of latest gadgets  and physical fitness.  We must need certain survival techniques in adverse situations.  We must compose ourselves and be calm in difficult situations and act wisely rather than in a hurry.


        There are certain adventures done alone and there are some which are done in a small group of people.  There are many organizations which conduct adventurous tours.  In India too, there are many such organizations, in every city.  Of course, it is an expensive activity. 


What types of adventures are there?

    There are  adventures related to wild life and forests, safari, mountains, snow mountains, traveling on land, traveling on boats/ships on water, under water explorations and in space adventures too.  There are many sports related adventures.



      Examples are sky diving and bungee jumping, mountain climbing, rock climbing, cycling adventures, skiing in remote mountains, sailing alone, swimming long distances, wind surfing sport  etc. Often a policeman's life and a detective's life are adventurous. In our childhood we too have done small adventures.  Nowadays a number of adventure sports are shown on television channels.

     In the old days, as many tales tell us, the young princes used to go on adventurous tours of their countries before they were crowned.

      Mandeep Singh Soin and Joydeep Sircar of India are famous mountaineering expediters.  Ferdinand Magellan of Portugal circumnavigated the Earth centuries ago.  Marco Polo was another adventurous explorer.   Recently some Indian boys and girls of 13 years or so had climbed Mount Everest.


    Adventurers often film or photograph their adventures.  They are later shown to their friends and families during their visits.  These memories are very precious for them.  Adventurers get a good social standing for these.  Adventurers become coaches/guides later in their life.



    I have also done some adventures, and I take pride in telling about them.  I will advise everyone to be adventurous in future.    Finally, I thank you for listening to me silently and attentively.

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