Why do we really fall ill? Is diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle sufficient for protecting ourself from illnesses or life threatening diseases? Ever wondered if there are factors beyond these that might be affecting your health and well being. I have seen friends and family members who have blamed themselves for their illnesses. And this blame does not help in the recovery process. Though diet and lifestyle is a major factor attributing to good health but let us not limit ourselves to this notion. I am sure you’ve heard of people who are very fit and eat healthy, die of chronic health issues as early as in their 40s or 30s. Why does that happen ? Have you ever wondered? I have…Recent scientific studies have revealed a relationship between exposure of environmental toxicants and disease. Today, we are increasingly exposed to environmental pollutants, mostly as a result of industrial development. Many disease indicators such as inflammation and oxidative stress, are known to be influenced by both nutrition and environmental toxicants. There is no easy “fix” to protect or intervene against diseases associated with exposure to environmental pollutants. Many pollutants, such as heavy metals and persistent organics, bioaccumulate in our bodies, and remediation strategies to remove these chemicals from the environment are extremely difficult and costly.