arts and crafts involves a wide variety of things which is done in one's own hand.Arts ans crafts are usually a hobby.Crafts are practised from past centuries some are recent inventions.Both children and adults enjoy doing arts and crafts.Children who are very creative can do a best out of waste. Children learn many things from art . Children learn woodcutting, textile arts and fabric arts .
It can take many years to learn their skills to perfection.
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Art and craft is nothing but an wonderful cultural event and it is a part of our culture our life time and our procedure everything depends on art and every seconds of our life is a art.
craft is nothing but a ocean of creativity it all depnd completely on our creative ness how our life is and how and what is our behaviour we caan judge any thing with and only y doing a simpla craft we can prove anything in this metirialistic world.
art and craft have been developed from ancient world it self.
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