Which of the following cannot be perfect square?

(A)1681 (B)1849 (C)2116 (D)1762

What I typed is a preliminary test, you must verify further to see whether it is a perfect square.
in this queation, with just tat condition u can conclude tat D is the answer
Works fine for this, but I am talking about other questions which have these digits in their unit's place.



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1762  has 2 in the units digit.  so it cannot be a perfect square.

    unit digits of perfect squares can be only:

       1*1 = 1,    2*2 = 4,     3*3 = 9,      4*4 = 6 ,    5*5 = 5
       6*6 = 6        7*7 = 9      8*8 = 4    9*9 = 1

hence  1,4,6,5,9      are the only digits in the units place in perfect squares.

1 5 1
D)1762 is not a perfect square