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Metals are used for many purposes.

1.  Making wires (cables) for data communication and electric conductor wires, for transmission of current.

2. In buildings for support, in the center or as beams.

3. Rails on railway tracks. In the bodies of Trains and flights.  Light metals and heavy metals are used as per requirement.

4. Containers of various liquids.

5. Household utensils, plates, glasses and various ornaments.

6. Used where good conductors of heat are required in kitchen or in factories.

7.  Some bright metals are used to polish mirror surfaces to reflect light.

8. Radio active metals are used in nuclear reactors.

9. Many house hold items, furniture, window grills etc. are made of metals.

10. Thick safes for keeping money and valuables.

11.  Mercury metal is used for many purposes as we know - in thermometer and in other applications where thermal expansive property of mercury is used.

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