0.999 is equal to 1
there are some shapes of constant width other than circle
a french word for pie chart is camembart
zero is the only number that can't be represented  in roman letters
(6 x9)+ (6+ 9)=69
zero is an even number
the most popular favourite numer is'7'
1) the word google was formed by the mispell of word googol in which the 0's followed by 1 can't be made fit in the space of whole universe.
2) if we spell the digits you are not going to have letter 'a' before thousand.
3) four is the only digit in which the alphabets are placed order wise.
4) if you start adding numbers from 1 to 50 the total sum will be 1050.
5) 0 is the only number which can't be represented in roman numbers.
6) the two most unlucky numbers considered are 4 and 13.