How did you become a prime minister?
is life as a prime minister was hard
how did you feel when you become a prime minister
why did you choose the job as the prime minister

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i need some innovative questions
hai anu u r the 1st
if you ask the first question - PM would be either angry or laugh. perhaps it is not appropriate. it is too silly
questions may be more serious than that you wrote.
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1. sir. today you are in good position. who is your role model?
2. you started your career with a small tea stall and now became a PM. what are your feelings about this?
3. sir, 2 years back america refused to give you visa. but now obama invited you to america. what is your opinion on this? 
4. people believed you a lot. it had already proved in, what are your next plans to do for the welfare of people and for the development of our country?
5. what are the suggestions you want to give for students, youngsters?
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tq poojan