When Aristroocatic society ruled in france the middle people started protest against them.The aristrocats kept some middle people in prison called Bastile.This led to the revolt started by MIDDLE people against aristrocrats led to fall of bastile prison.
The rulers of the neihbouring country were worried about the devolopments made in france before 1789, so they sent troops to ruin france. on morning of 14 july 1789 the city paris was in state of alarm the king had ordered the troops to move into the city for an open fire. some 7,00 men and women tried to form a peopli's militia. Sevaral hundreds of men stormed the bastille prison in search of ammunition .in thes fight the commander of bastille prison was killed and the prisoners ecaped though there were only 7 of them. thos prison was hated by all because it stood for the power of the king. This was the fall of bastile prison.