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   Total energy = KE + P.E. + Thermal Energy + Electrical Potential energy + ...    

    Energy is said to be the capacity to do work.  Generally work is done by physical movement of a body.  Hence, the kinetic energy is involved.  When any  potential energy changes, that is converted usually into the kinetic energy. 

    Usually, moving object does work.  Hence the decrease or increase in the kinetic energy is the amount of work done by the body or the external agent (force) respectively.  Other components of energy remains same.   Other energies convert to kinetic energy and kinetic energy does work.

      Work is done when a force moves (or slows down) a body through a distance.  Then kinetic energy is changed.  Also, work is done when a gas expands or compresses varying in pressure and volume.  When a spring is  compressed, there is work done, but by movement of some object or absorbing kinetic energy of an agent.

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