They are of equal value
Arts is necessary as much as Science! As I see from the arguments people think when the word arts is mentioned that it is about poetry, painting, music etc., alone.
Science and the Arts are Related I do not believe one is more important than the other. The arts include a vast array of different subjects. Humanities studies are generally categorized under the arts as well as business, politics, and so on.
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Without science we'd still be living in the Stone Age! 

You all are forgetting one thing if we ellimenate science from history (hypothetically speaking) we would not have aeroplains, computers, phones, electricity, vehicles, not even fire! And we need science to advance ourselves even further into the future, "but hey who needs all that when you have paint and a brush" and it's not like a painting will ever contribute to society in anyway!


I am against the statement.


Arts is a stream where in you can illustrate your skills, learn how to communicate , trace on to all of your interested fields and live life with a sense of complete enjoyment , Irrespective to that of science. A person who is well and is interested in science stream is not a issue ,but the students who are not well in science on to there performance level are forced to choose science as there subject,what do you then expect from that particular student?

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