Pakistan was formed because the Muslims didnt think they had a future indiathey thought they would be mistrated as they were in a minority(not b'coz Muhammed Ali Jinnah wanted to be first PM of India if he did when Pakistan was created he would have become the prime minister of Pakistan but he didnt want to he wanted to be the governer generalBecause the Muslims became ina minority and as the world became more democratic they knew that hindus wouldbe in power and worried about there rights so Muhammed Ali Jinnah decided tocreate Pakistan which would consist of the provinces of India where Muslims werein majority.Which now formed Punjab sindh,balochistan,Khyber-Pakthunkwa,EastPakistan(present day Bangladesh)and Kashmir,Today India and Pakistan disputever kashmir because rightfully it was theres there was a Muslim majority but aHindu ruler who wanted to stay with India
He decided to create pakistan in order to safeguard muslim political rights