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Examination Hall

A.B.C (City).

The Honorable Provincial Minister of Food,



With due respect, I would like to draw your kind attention to the present situation regarding food adulteration in the country. I hope you will take the necessary steps to check this evil.  Most sellers of essential food items adulterate them. This is very harmful to the health of the people. The main reason for the food adulteration is the fact that pure food is in short supply. The prices of pure food are high. The sellers adulterate them and sell them at cheaper rates and in greater quantities to earn more money. I make following suggestions to improve this situation:

1. Food production should be increased through better and modern methods.

2. More dairy farms should be opened to increase the production of dairy products.

3. There should be better facilities for transporting food from village to markets.

4.The people involved in this mal practice should be punished heavily.

I hope to get a careful response.

Yours truly 


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