an ideal student is the one who takes keen interest in studies and leads a noble life. his life is full of ideas. he sets an example for others. he is very careful of his character. his character is a foundation stone for others. hard work is the breath of his life.

he is in the good books and looks of teacher. he reads till midnight to get 1st in the examinations. he knows that hard work is the key to success. all teachers speak highly of hi. he obeys and respects the elders. he does his best in earning name and fame in history of school.

he always speaks the truth. he hates a lie he knows that the path of truth is full of thorns and has very much difficulties but e faces them patiently. once Gandhi ji said ''A man of truth must be man of care.'' so an ideal student doesn't take it ill even when he has to suffer for speaking truth.

he takes part in games. he knows that they are only food for body. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. he does daily exercise. he knows that a sound body leads a sound mind.

in short an ideal student keeps himself aloof from bad company. he always keeps the mirror of his life clean and bright. to see him is to love him.