All that glitters is not gold   means any thing that nice is not necessary to be fruitful to us.

Jack of all trades master of non   means anyone who is doing every thing is doing nothing best.

Charity begins at home     means a good culture always starts only when we follow it.

Beauty is but skin deep    means we can't judge the beauty by just looking at the appearance of a person but by his works and his attitude.

Better an open enemy than a false friend   means it's better to have a enemy that you is your enemy than one you think is a friend who actually is enemy.

The early bird catches the worm   means the one who is fast can get the thing he wants.

Every thing comes to him who waits   means the one who waits only can get the thing he wants.

Try try and you will succeed   means without trying you can't succeed only when you will try you can get success .

Don't make mountain of a mole hill   means you should not see a small problem as large as a mountain but you should face it.

A friend in need is a friend indeed   means a real friend will only help you in the time when you really need help no one else.


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Pen is mightier than sword.means a person can cause people to change their opinions with his writings only.
something is better than nothing. means it is better to do something than leaving it 
time and tides wait for none. means time is never wait for anyone
 all is fair in love and war.means in love and war we will be honest      
divide and rule. means rule will be done by dividing a place
  every dog has his day.means everybody bags his good day 
experience is the best teacher.means experience teaches us a right way   
failure teaches success.means faiures shows us the path of success  
fear is stronger than love. means anyone can leave his love but not his fear
  honesty is the best policy.t means honesty is the good thing which gives respec    
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