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       In cricket there are many skills required.  The various activities of involved tell us the skills required.  They are the batting skills, bowling skills, fielding skills and umpiring skills. 

         Umpiring skills may not be needed for all players.    Captaining skills are needed for the team leader and the vice captain.  They are essential for the team to win.  Skills, experience  and a lot of knowledge on laws and rules are required for umpiring.   Even for the scorer, a lot of knowledge and skills to use that knowledge is needed. 

     For criticizing, reporting and commenting on running live game, one needs a lot of skills.  The live commentators need to have good memory, knowledge of rules, fast eye and good English vocabulary as well as fluent speaking skills.  Further, the wicket keeper s have a special role during the fielding.  The photographers  and videographers have their own skills that are needed.

       The curator, who prepares the ground and the pitch must have excellent skills and experience to lay a good pitch for the players.    Lastly, the control room operator, who tracks the ball and selects the most relevant view and camera and switches among multiple cameras appropriately, must have quick selection skills to make the viewers watch and enjoy.

Batting skills :

         The player must learn to hold the bat properly.  The player must be able to move the bat forward, towards the point, or towards covers or towards the midwicket or towards the fine leg in a comfortable way.

         The player must be able to eye the ball clearly and gauge the speed, bounce and direction accurately for playing it well.  Further, the player should develop skills for running in between wickets comfortably and quickly.  Placing the ball in between fielders or out of reach of fielders is a special skill and talent.

Bowling skills:
         A player must know how to hold a ball.  A player must be able to bowl at suitable speed for swinging the ball or spinning the ball in the suitable direction.  Skills must be developed for bowling to the field and to the temperament of the batsman. 

     The bowling skills include also bowling with full pace, altering line and length, bowling bouncers and cutting the ball either way.   Skills are also needed to avoid running on the important portion of the pitch.

Fielding skills:
     Every cricket player must have the fielding skills to a high level of performance.  The various skills to be developed are:  ability to sport the ball, track the trajectory of the ball, fast response, body fitness, ability to gauge the batsman's attitude, proper and timely diving and catching of the ball, picking up the ball and throwing in the same smooth action, and  accurately throwing the ball in to the wicket keepers gloves.

     Wicket keepers job is the most critical and he/she needs excellent ball collection stumping ability too. Wicket keepers must be fit and active 100% of the time and should be able to dive in all directions and should have quick response to catch the fast balls speeding at over 110 km/hour.

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