1: No one should cut the trees but for important use like shelters and paper.
2: No one shoul stay in the forests
3: No one should use the forest produce.
4: People were punished for grazing cattles.
5: No one should travell forest roads without permit
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The  Dutch  enacted  forest  laws  in  Java.
Wood  could  only  be  cut  for  specified  purposes  like  making  river  boats  or  constructing  houses,  and  only  from  specific  forests  under  close  supervision.
Villagers  were  punished  for  grazing  cattle  in  young  stands,  transporting  wood  without  a  permit  or  travelling  on  forest  roads  with  horse  carts  or  cattle.
The  Dutch  first  imposed  rents  on  lands  being  cultivated  in  the  forest  and  then  exempted  some  villages  from  these  rents  if  they  worked  collectively  to  provide  free  labour    and   buffaloes  for  cutting  and  transporting  timber.This  was  known  as  the  blangdongdiensten  system.Later  instead of  rent  exemption,  forest  villagers  were  given  small  wages,  but  their   right  to  cultivate  forest   land  was  restricted. 
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