The factor of blood coagulation is the deficiency of  vitamin K
1].When there is a cut or a wound in our body then the blood oozes out and comes in contact with the air releases an enzyme called thrombokinase.
2] This acts on another substance present in the blood called pro-thrombin.
3]Throbin acts on another substance called fibrin.
4]The fibrin ataches itself to the edges of the wound and pulls them together.
5]This straw yellowish coloured fluid is called the serum.

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In the region of injury or leakage from a blood vessel,blood oozes out
.#the platelets rupture & release a substance called thromboplastin.
 # in the presence of calcium, thromboplastin acts on plasma protein prothrombin & forms a proteolytic enzyme called thrombin .
# vitamin k is essential for the formation of prothrombin in liver. thrombin acts on a soluble plasma protein fibronogen & changes into insoluble fibrin.
# fibrin undergoes rapid polymerisation to form long fibres. the fibres form a network over the damaged wall of blood vessel & exposed part of the skin.
# it entraps blood corpuscles & forms a jelly like mass called blood clot.
# the clot contracts & solidifies . a liquid called serum is expelled.