i want some tips for exam because it is tomorrow

Which board
Which subject,class?
Then only can one give specific answer
Cause the answer given below are just general steps
you need to focus study eat good breakfeast and you should be just fine and pass with a good grade i like fun study put study object into game and it will help you remember it longer than just sitting at a table and reading it also sudy right before you go to bed it helps you remember it for tommorow



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Are you feeling nervous?

   Nervousness related to examinations is common to many students.  It is a feeling that we get we fear about the result of the exams.  We get nervous because we are not well prepared.  We get nervous because we do not know how the exam will be.

    We get nervous because there is some one who will blame us if we do not perform well in the exams. We need be nervous a little, but not so much that we perform badly in the exams. Best way to overcome nervousness is to prepare well for the exams.  

   Prepare well for exams.  Do all recommended exercises.  Convince yourself of the logic and reasoning in the lessons.  Remind yourself of the paragraphs that are important.  Read aloud if required.

   Convince yourself that you prepared well for the exams and you prepared for all important topics and exercises.  So tell yourself that you did your best.  Then hope for the best.    

     Make a sincere effort to your best knowledge.   

    Sleep well and for sufficient duration.  Keep your mind calm.  

   Talk to your nearest friends and close relatives, to comfort yourself.  After expressing your feelings, you will feel more comfortable, steady and peaceful. 

  Look at pleasant things, pictures or people.  Listen to some pleasant music for some time.  That will relax you.

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be coooooooooooooool
Don't be nervous just be calm and pray to god to make your paper the best and if you have read the chapters and your concepts are clear then i am sure that you will score the best. Best of luck!
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